“Co-Active Coaching is about change. Change is why clients hire coaches. Because they want something to be different in their lives. They change by learning more about themselves, what they want and who they are becoming and what makes them tick. They change by taking action, action that redefines what is possible for them and creates their next reality, their next place to learn, grow and move forward in their lives.”   - Henry Kimsey-House

Co-Active coaching is a proven whole-life coaching approach that enables people to achieve success and fulfillment in their work and life through a powerful coach/client alliance that promotes and enhances the lifelong process of learning.


I work with clients who have the courage to change and are willing to risk. Many of my clients have dreams they believe are far from possible. They sense the urge and yearn for more meaning, more aliveness, and more reality in their lives. They risk being vulnerable and showing up authentic in a new place of realization. I hold my clients in their presence, their true selves, where change emerges and integrates from within. It is the only place where change is possible.


I create an alliance with my clients. It is an authentic relationship totally focused on them. It is a safe place where the freedom to express whatever they want is built on trust and confidentiality.  By having the courage to change, to show up authentic, and to take action, life can be fulfilling.